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"Hide" from the Braille Series

"Hide" from the Braille Series, Sculpture
"Hide" from the Braille Series

Sculpture (Found materials)    34 x 16 x 16    10   

Year created
Overall dimensions
Dimensions are variable depending on the size of pedestal the jacket is draped over. In the submitted images, the pedestal top measures 16" square.
Salvaged vintage sheepskin jacket, glass beads, pearls, Braille text
"Hide" consists of a salvaged, deconstructed, vintage sheepskin jacket embroidered with Braille text using beads and pearls to represent the Braille dots. The transcribed Braille text is the story of Little Red Riding Hood. This object is displayed draped over a standard white gallery pedestal. If selected for the Biennial exhibition, a pedestal measuring roughly 36" x 16" x 16" will suffice for display.


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