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Warped and Weft

Warped and Weft, Sculpture
Warped and Weft

Sculpture (Clay)    18 x 42 x 18    50    https://www.brantwei...   

Year created
Overall dimensions
Three and a half feet wide and extends from the wall a foot and a half. Installed at a height of 40 inches for an overall height of 50 inches
Ceramic sculpture encrusted with salt, supported by steel armature.
My work begins with images and objects familiar to me, cultivated from memories or common mythologies. Utilizing different methods of preservation, I select materials to mimic decay or relics, supporting the construction with spindly braces and techniques found in excavation. Through text, imagery, and tools, I examine the way symbolic actions and regional affect shape identity. I invite viewers to reflect on the artwork and the role of entropy so we may understand them as contributing factors, built upon intersecting layers of experience and chance, progressively interwoven to form a picture


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