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Kate's Baby Bump Diary! (May 13, 2013: Part II)

Kate's Baby Bump Diary! (May 13, 2013: Part II), Decorative Arts
Kate's Baby Bump Diary! (May 13, 2013: Part II)

Decorative Arts (Textile)    11 x 8   

Year created
Overall dimensions
18" x 16"
Embroidery floss on cotton
In 168 Hours, an embroidered archive of replicas of Time and People magazines, I use a deliberately slow process of recreating cultural images with thousands of cross-stitches. 168 Hours refers both to the numbers each magazine spends on the newsstand, and an estimate of time I spend stitching each cover. These 168 hours are simultaneously short and long. I exhibit these pieces in pairs by juxtaposing Time and People covers that were released on the same day, which documents contemporary American culture and invites viewers to formulate their own perceptions.


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